Hi! I'm Lauren, the Brick Chick. I am an archaeologist and doctoral candidate at the University of Notre Dame who strives to learn more about the connection that we, as people, have with our labor and the world we produce that also produces us.

Part of the way I do that is through an intensive study of the products of our industrial history, especially bricks. Bricks are unique as archaeological artifacts because they are are both easy to find and rarely studied. But bricks have a mana about them, an ability to retain both sentimental and social bonds as well as structural ones that can be analyzed to learn more about how we interact with our surroundings and the intimacy we connect with it.

My love of historic bricks benefits more than just anthropology and history. Bricks from the industrial era Rust Belt are in especially high demand for adaptive reuse and recycling in contemporary building projects, and data from my work can be used by architects, engineers, and contractors to better understand their place in those structures.

This page is both my personal webpage as well as a an open-source repository for brick data that I collect throughout my anthropological journey.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy.